terça-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2009

Thank you, England!

Exactly one week ago I was saying goodbye to my new British friends, Brian and Meriel. Let me explain: I was helping a friend of mine who can't speak English and had received the couple in an exchange program. I stayed at his house translating everything from English to Portuguese and from Portuguese to English.

And let me tell you, they taught me something I learned in the past, but had since forgotten: the way we must see the things around us. Everything here was new for them. The birds, the cows, the trees, the food, the culture, the coffee, everything. Their eyes looked like children's eyes, to whom a new vision always gives birth to a new smile.

Because of this teaching I thank you, Brian. I thank you, Meriel. I thank you both and Paul, and Peter, and Helen and everyone else. You're amazing. Thanks, England, for this lovely people. I will never forget them.

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